Best Sub-Ohm Tanks

With so many new designs flooding the market, choosing the best sub ohm tank will depend on several factors, including the vaping styles and preferences of the individual user.  There is no one-size-fits all solution, but the following sub ohm tanks offer terrific value based on price, design, and reliability.  Each of these tanks comes with unique differences in features, too, which makes each of them stand out in the crowd as a leader in sub ohm technology. However, before you purchase a sub ohm tank you may want to ask yourself, “Is a sub-ohm tank right for you?“.

For each sub ohm tank, we begin by listing the suggested Manufacturer’s Retail Price (MRP).  However, these prices do not take into consideration the various online coupons and sales promotions that we already offer here on VapingCheap. A red button below each listing will take you to a deals page with the most up to date offers for that sub ohm tank.

Each sub ohm tank has a different mechanical design and its own unique set of features.  These will be listed next, along with some possible differences that might cause the average consumer to consider another brand or model.  Therefore, each of these products is considered one of the “Best Sub Ohm Tanks of 2015” but for different reasons.  The final decision is ultimately your own.

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Top Sub-Ohm Tank List

1. Smok TFV4 TankSmok TFV4 Sub Ohm Tank

  • Cost: $49.99 (fullkit) $39.99 (single kit)MRP
  • Wattage Range: 40-140W
  • Wicking Material: 100% Pure Organic Cotton
  • Coil Types: Triple and Quad Coil
  • RBA: Single and Dual Included
  • Diameter:  24.55mm
  • Tank Capacity: 5ml

Why You’ll Like about the Smok TFV4

With a Manufacturer’s Retail Price of $49.99 (for the full kit), the Smok TFV4 may seem a bit pricey for some vaping enthusiasts but you can find the “single” kit (which does not include all the coils) for about $35. However, you truly do get a lot of bang for their buck with this model. The Smok TFV4 is one the best sub ohm tanks on the market, and for good reason. The beastly power of up to 140W is simply unmatched, and the TFV4 quad coil tank produces the best flavor and most ridiculous clouds imaginable.  Another unique feature is a specially designed drip tip with increased airflow and cooling system.  The hinged, top filling system is another nice touch.  But perhaps the most impressive “extra” that you get with the full kit is the best RBA build deck we’ve ever seen in a sub ohm tank.  Smok even gives you a screwdriver and some cotton to complete the package.   Look for more new lower wattage and temp sensing coils to be on the market very soon.

Possible Negatives to the Smok TFV4

Obviously, the TFV4 isn’t the cheapest choice, and vapers are going to shell out even more cash for replacement coils, too.  With vaping technology advancing so quickly these days, many consumers might settle for a more affordable option.  We should also note that Smok also offers a TFV4 Single Kit for about $10 less.  Another drawback is that this tank eats juice like crazy!  It’s also heavier and wider than most, weighing in at 7.6 oz. (0.22kg) and measuring 24.55mm in diameter, but these stats may be another positive for many vapers.

2. Crown Sub Ohm Tank by UwellUwell Crown Sub Olm Tank

  • Cost: $34.99 MRP
  • Wattage Range: 10-120W
  • Wicking Material: 100% Imported Organic Cotton
  • Coil Types: Single (0.5ohm and 1.2ohm) or dual (0.25ohm or 0.5ohm)
  • RBA: Not Included
  • Diameter:  22mm at the base, 24mm at the widest point
  • Tank Capacity: 4ml

Why You’ll Like about the Uwell Crown

The Uwell Crown is another of our “Best Sub Ohm Tanks of 2015” with a high-quality flavor that far surpasses the Kanger Subtank Mini or the Freemax Starre when we push the 0.25ohm dual coil to 80W.  The Crown is another hard-to-find top fill tank, which makes this model truly stand out from the competition.  It also comes in a bottom fill option, too.

Both the Uwell Crown and the Smok TFV4 are very sturdy designs that don’t leak.  The Crown coils wick wonderfully without dry hits, and the 4ml quartz glass tank has two huge holes for maximum airflow and huge cloud production.  Uwell offers a temperature control coil and RBA, too.  Another possible upgrade is the temperature control visibility feature.  While this will not come with the initial purchase package, having the option to add it later places this sub ohm tank higher on the list.

Possible Negatives to the Uwell Crown

There’s not much to fault with the Uwell Crown, other than it can be difficult to locate a supplier at times.  Some users complain that vaping at 80W produces a slight burning sensation, while others claim that chain vaping at the full range of 120W is extremely comfortable. The differences in opinion are likely due to the different vaping techniques of the individual consumer.

3. Joyetech Delta 2Joyetech Delta 2 Sub Olm Tank

  • Cost: $39.99 MRP
  • Wattage Range: 20-45W
  • Wicking Material: Organic Man-made Cotton and Man-made Mineral Fiber
  • Coil Types: 0.5ohm
  • RBA: Not Included
  • Diameter:  22mm
  • Tank Capacity: 3.5ml

Why You’ll Like about the Joyetech Delta 2

We can fire the Joyetech Delta 2 at a higher wattage than most, but this sub ohm tank seems to fire best at around 35W.  One of the most attractive features of this brand is its juice flow control feature.  Joyetech calls it the LVC feature, or “Liquid Vape Control.” You can essentially manipulate how much juice lands on the coil by opening and closing the wicking holes on each coil head.  For vapers who prefer blends with a slightly higher PG, the Joyetech Delta 2 might be the perfect fit.  Flavor and cloud production is excellent, especially for the price.  While no RBA comes with the initial product, they can be purchased separately.  Many consumers call the Delta 2 the “grown up” version of the Aspire Atlantis or the Kanger Subtank.  High praise like this is another reason we include the Delta 2 on our list of the Best Sub Ohm Tanks.

Possible Negatives to the Joyetech Delta 2

Man-made cotton surrounds the man-made woven wick that then comes into direct contact with the coil.  Joyetech says that this design was intentional, to reduce the possibility of dry hits.   But the result is a wick that sometimes crumbles into tiny pieces when least expected.  Although the material is likely harmless if accidentally inhaled, a 100% natural cotton wick would likely appeal to a greater number of experienced vapers.  The Delta II sub ohm tank can also be a bit of a juice-hungry monster.

4. Subtank Mini/ Vaporfi VoltSubtank Mini Tank

  • Cost: $29.99/$59.99 (with 30ml ejuice) MRP
  • Wattage Range: 15-50W
  • Wicking Material: 100% Japanese Cotton
  • Coil Types: 0.5ohm and 1.2ohm
  • RBA: 2 RBA 0.5ohm Coils Included
  • Diameter:  22mm
  • Tank Capacity: 4.5ml

Why You’ll Like about the Subtank Mini/ Vaporfi Volt

The Subtank Mini is a slightly smaller version of the Kanger Subtank. Vaporfi also sells a custom version of this tank salled the Vaporfi Volt. The Vaporfi Volt has a number of custom features including; signature lime-green O-rings, larger juice holes on the RBA, and a different insulator material that seems to eliminate the leaking issue associated with the Subtank Mini. By purchasing the Vaporfi brand, you get the full flavor and massive cloud capabilities of the Kanger Subtank Mini but in a more user-friendly design.  The kit from vaporfi also comes with a 30ml bottle of e-juice, which adds to the total value.  Meanwhile, the U.S. firm of Vaporfi offers both a 30-day money back guarantee and a 90-day warranty, making the Volt one of the best sub ohm tanks on the market today.

Possible Negatives to the Subtank Mini/Vaporfi Volt

The price tag of the Vaporfi Volt will scare away a great many shoppers of sub ohm tanks, but the Volt is one of the few options that comes with a big bottle of juice worth about $15. It is also from a U.S. company with a warranty and a money back guarantee.  If you want basically the same tank at a lower price point you can just pick up the Subtank Mini which sells for around $30 dollars.

5. Aspire Atlantis 2Aspire Atlantis 2 Sub Ohm Tank

  • Cost: $31.99 MRP
  • Wattage Range: 20-80W
  • Wicking Material: 100% Organic Cotton
  • Coil Types: 0.3ohm, 0.5ohm, and 1.0ohm
  • RBA: Not included
  • Diameter:  22.5mm
  • Tank Capacity: 3ml with a 5ml extension available at an extra cost

Why You’ll Like about the Aspire Atlantis 2

The predecessor to the Aspire Atlantis 2 offered a smaller tank capacity, a rather odd ceramic-covered cotton wicking material, and a few other significant differences. But this latest version is tangible proof that Aspire keeps trying to push the envelope when designing the best sub ohm tank possible.  Instead of a single airflow hole, we now have two with additional airflow slots in the specially designed drip tip.  The newer coils now have four holes located at the bottom instead of two.  The flavor quality isn’t that bad either, although it doesn’t rate as highly as the TFV4 or the Delta 2. Meanwhile, the comparison in explosive cloud density is almost evenly matched.

Possible Negatives to the Aspire Atlantis 2

Many users of the Aspire Atlantis 2 complain of the airflow controller system comprised of two cyclops-style holes located at the top of the tank and a single smaller hole at the base.  While this new design acts as a type of air-cooling system, its strange arrangement of holes makes it difficult to manipulate for many vapers.  Another possible drawback to this top-rated sub ohm tank is that the wide bore drip connection is not compatible with 510 style drip tips, which might be a complete surprise once you open the package.

Did we leave anything out?

Of course we did!  There are so many wonderfully designed sub ohm tanks on the market today that we couldn’t possibly include them all.  But these five “Best Sub Ohm Tanks of 2015” top our list of favorites due to their creativity, ingenuity, and innovation.  While no single tank is perfect, we feel that these options offer the most value for their price.

The Kanger Subtank Mini is perhaps the most recognizable of all sub ohm tanks on the market, and it is still considered a very high-quality brand.  The Subtank Nano is also another great choice.  We also like the entire Aspire Atlantis product line, but the Atlantis 2 was our favorite of them all.   Every vaper is different, with different preferences and vaping styles.   But for those who are new to the world of sub ohm vaping, this list is a good place to start. Comment below with your favorite sub-ohm tank!

Author:  Matt Rowland


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